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Nicole - Canada

Shauntae - USA

Sue - South Australia



Helen - UK

"When I first opened the box and set up my new 'toy' I wondered if it would work. I'd watched the video and was a little worried that, as these things sometimes do, the product would not be as easy as the instruction video shows - well, I was wrong to be worried. It was fantastic! I was making a dress with VERY delicate fabric and had, of course, had to unpick two seams. I was too worried to try hacking it with my normal unpicker so thought I'd give this new one a go. It sliced through the thread like butter and having both hands free to hold the fabric out the way made light work of what would have been a really difficult removal, leaving the fabric unmarked! I have to say, I'm impressed."

Elizabeth - Australia

"I got excited when mum said to give it a go, a new toy to play with.  I've gotten to use it a few times this morning (cause whoever sews perfect first time around), and it was actually REALLY handy! I don't mean to sound too surprised, I Just didn't expect it to make such a big difference! It works handier than I thought and pulls the stitches out so much easier than a standard un-picker, I’m using the lower hem blade as I’m making clothes and cannot wait to use the top blade.  I’ll let you know as soon as I have."


Lynn - Australia

"I took the QikPik to quilting last night to show the ladies.  They were very impressed.  I will take it to our local fabric shop on Friday.  I set it up next to my sewing machine on the weekend.  It’s amazing how much you use it when it’s right there. Very handy."