QIKPIK - The Worlds First Stand Alone Seam Ripper for Quilters and Sewers


The Qikpik is designed with two replaceable blades. The top blade with its safety cover is used to separate piecing and material used in quilting. Please what the short video above to see how this works.  There is also a two bright lights that help to identify the thread to be cut. These lights will turn off after 15 minutes.  QikPik attaches to your work station so you can work with both hands and because it is stable, you will always know where it is. No more searching under fabric or looking on the floor for an unpicker.  Please always flick up the safety cover when you are done, this protects your fabric and fingers too.

The second blade, lower down, is used for unpicking simple hems *.  the blade can be located on either side to accommodate right handed and left handed use. (please see the video above). We recommend practising using the hem blade both ways to see what suits you.  We also would recommend that the red ball be in the middle of the material to help separate the hem. Please put the safety tube back on the blade when you are finished or remove it and store it in a safe place.  This will protect your material and fingers too.

Simple hems: - By simple hems we mean rolled hems and hems without overlocking. Currently we are working on a new blade to help you remove overlocking at the same time so stay tuned.