on Oct 12, 17

QIKPIK seam ripper to feature on CHANNEL 10!!!

Yesterday was a great day for the QikPik seam ripper. pikkidesigns.com was chosen to feature on Channel10 for the up and coming series; #AustraliaByDesignInnovation to screen in late October and November. Our revolutionary seam ripper has made ripping seams and hems fun and fast. It is often said that necessity is the mother of all invention and so people who quilt and sew have a new faster way to rip. One of the great things about the QikPik is its ergonomic nature. Traditional seam ripping puts strain on your hands and we have had comments from several people that the QIKPIK alleviates hand strain and pain. 

Many thanks to Michelle and all the staff at #HandcraftersHouse in Midland WA for allowing us to take over their amazing shop for the afternoon. Many thanks also just go to the sewing group that gave us their time as our extra cast members. 

At this point, we think it is important to acknowledge #FormDesignsAustralia, for their creative partnership with the ongoing development of the QIKPIK. YOU TRULY ARE AMAZING.

life is full, life is fun, happy sewing everyone!  Alyse

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